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Program:Key project of “ Research for Language,Character of Chinese and Folk Culture from the Perspective of Transcultural Studies”, hosted by the Center of Folklore, Ancient Writing and Chinese Characters, Key Social Science Research Base under the Ministry of Education of P.R.China
[Introduction to new publication]
Wang Ning, Six Themes on Chinese Characters
Encyclopaedia of China Publishing House, September, 2017, First Edition

The author believes that there are two types of views on language, one is that the world languages exist in the same framework, which shares general rules; another is that different language reflects the features of respective nation, which is closely related with its history and culture.Humanity lies in different culture, and becomes the key issue in the transcultural studies and communication.Chinese character is the written symbol to record Chinese language. Semantics takes the leading role when Chinese characters form sentences.The rhythm of Chinese language can change the structure of a sentence at any time. No matter how it is changed, the meaning of a sentence is clear with the guarantee of the rationale and meaning of characters. The features of Chinese characters are directly related with Chinese cultural tradition. Chinese character exerts a great role in the formation, transmission and innovation of Chinese nation and Chinese culture. No matter it is in reading, understanding, teaching and translating, holding a right attitude towards these features will definitely make our work more beneficial and efficient. (Translated by Ma Lei)