Digital Issue of the College of Transcultural Studies

The Initial Issue:NO.3


Program:Key project of “ Research for Language,Character of Chinese and Folk Culture from the Perspective of Transcultural Studies”, hosted by the Center of Folklore, Ancient Writing and Chinese Characters, Key Social Science Research Base under the Ministry of Education of P.R.China
Difference and Dialogue
Yue Daiyun

The rise of transcultural study is under the Globalization while encountering the third impact between the two civilization circles such as Chinese and Western culture. Actually there were miserable results of two cultures met with because one party of them in attempt to own culture covering the other, so that the two parties failed to communicate. The aim of developing the transcultural study is to take the lessons from the history of misunderstanding of the bilateral for the new chance attaches great importance to meet each other in the world today, and which concern two factors in order to avoid the conflict: one is respecting the particularity of the cultural recognition of cultural differences, the other one is equal to the intercultural dialogue. Only by fully respecting differences, develop its own particularity, and achieve mutual understanding truly, we are hopefully to pursuit of the coexistence of diverse cultures. ( Source: Research for Folklore,Ancient Writing and Chinese Characters,Vol.19,2017)