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Program:Key project of “ Research for Language,Character of Chinese and Folk Culture from the Perspective of Transcultural Studies”, hosted by the Center of Folklore, Ancient Writing and Chinese Characters, Key Social Science Research Base under the Ministry of Education of P.R.China
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Jin Siyan, Transcultural studies as a construction of discipline.

[more]We are entering a century of looking for spiritual peace as people have done many times in the human history. No matter we are...

Chen Yueguang, Ideas on supporting the graduate education of...

[more]Dunhe Scholarly Foundation partly sponsors the 2017 International Workshop of Transcultural Studies. Dunhe Foundation is a...

The College of Transcultural Studies in Beijing Normal University (CTS in BNU) is the first academic institution of higher education aiming to conduct researches in transcultural studies, higher education, international communication and policy studies. It is under the administration of Beijing Normal University (BNU). The approval was issued in June 2016, and the opening ceremony was held in December 2016. The First Board Meeting was held in March 2017. Chairs of the Board are shared by Professor Zhang Kai, Vice President of BNU and Research Fellow Chen Yueguang, Executive Chair and Secretary-general of the Zhejiang Dunhe Charity Foundation. Professor Dong Xiaoping is the first Dean of the CTS in BNU.

The construction of the CTS in BNU is based on Chinese culture to cooperate with the international sinology institutes of first-class Universities to conduct the transcultural studies, promote the educational course of the transcultural studies, improve international academic communication and establish the transcultural discourse system in the world.

Digital Issue of the College of Transcultural Studies is a bilingual online journal in both Chinese and English, which...

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