Digital Issue of the College of Transcultural Studies

The Initial Issue:NO.3


Program:Key project of “ Research for Language,Character of Chinese and Folk Culture from the Perspective of Transcultural Studies”, hosted by the Center of Folklore, Ancient Writing and Chinese Characters, Key Social Science Research Base under the Ministry of Education of P.R.China
Transcultural Commnication
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[International conference]
UNESCO, Universities between France and China jointly...
【more】UNESCO, University Artois and Beijing Normal University jointly organized the international conference entitled “Chinese meta-cosmic speculation: cultures and languages in contact” from September 29 to October 3, 2017 in the 11th ...
Transcultural Bibliography
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[New publication]
Wang Ning, Six topics of Chinese characters
【more】The author believes that there are two types of views on language, one is that the world languages exist in the same framework, which shares general rules; another is that different language reflects the features of respective nation, which is ...
Express Mail To The Board Members
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In order to promote the platform construction of transcultural studies,the College of Beijing Normal University has donated and sent the academic books and journal to all the member of the board by Express, the list has been sent as follows:
Transcultural Studie Series (1st edition), whole 8 books.